Kikkoman premium soy sauce is perfect for dipping sushi or add on top of fish!
Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce is used for stir fries! such a staple & versatile item!
CJ Foods Gochujang is the best for all korean recipes like galbi jjim, army stew, dak galbi and more!!
CJ Foods soybean paste is similar to miso paste. Its used in dipping sauces or stews.
Delicious sesame sauce if you’re looking for hot pot dip or salad dressing!

Soft Drinks

I don’t drink soft drinks or soda often. But if I want to treat myself, you know I’ll be choosing these:


Side Dishes

I believe a side dish is worth it to buy when you can’t make it at home (or it takes too much work). Here are a few of my favorite side dishes that go so well with white rice:

seasoned radish
mixed seasoned squid
stir-fried anchovy
Jongga Kimchi

Frozen Items

Frozen items are always a hit or miss for me. Sometimes the quality of the food is not the same or not even close to the real deal (for example: korean corn dogs). However, the frozen aisle is great to get delicious fish cakes and imitation crab! Here are a few frozen items that I’ve tried and loved:

you can stir fry these fish cakes or make rabokki!
the best imitation crab out there! Use it for spicy crab in sushi, crab rangoons, or crab omelettes.


The meat at korean grocery stores like h-mart are great for Korean BBQ (duh!). They also have great selection for shabu shabu/hot pot. I recommend the beef and pork belly here because the meats have a good ratio of fat and meat (great marbling). As for the seafood, I recommend skipping because its not that fresh in my opinion. One time I bought shrimp there, I ended up throwing all the shrimp away after opening the bag immediately 🙁

Here is a list of my favorite meats for your next korean bbq:

short ribs
pork belly is perfect for korean bbq!
pork jowl
bone-in short ribs is used for LA Galbi! Grill them for super tender beef!


You know you’re at a good korean store when they have walls of different seaweeds. This is one that I always go with because I love the flavor of the roasted seaweed:

Haio individual packed seaweed

Happy shopping and come back to see my newest food additions to the blog post ◡̈

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